By Keith W. Hipel and A. Ian McLeod (Eds.)

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Subsequently, a range of mathematical models that can be used for modelling natural phenomena within the hydrological cycle, as well as other environmental systems, are classified according to informative criteria. Based on these discussions, one can appreciate the role of time series models for describing and analyzing important environmental phenomena. 2 Description of the Hydrological Cycle Hydrology is the science of water. In particular, hydrology deals with the distribution and circulation of water on the surface of the land, underground and in the atmosphere.

Legal action based on the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. Y Strategy for Canadian Opposition International Joint Commission (UC) 6 . Support full GDU. 7. Recommend GDU modified to reduce Canadian impacts. 8. Support suspension of GDU except for the Lonetree Reservoir. 9. Recommend cancellation of the GDU. S. support Strategy for IJC N The main Canadian organizations opposed to the GDU are the Federal Government in Ottawa, the Manitoba Provincial Government and Canadian environmental groups. The single course of action available to the Canadian Opposition is the ability to take legal action based upon the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 between the United States and Canada (option 5).

Scientists may discover why and how fish populations are dwindling and be able to design pollution controls to rectify the situation. However, to implement corrective measures, finances are required and political decisions must be made. Therefore, in addition to generating physical solutions to a given environmental problem by use of the scientific method, scientists must also take into account the socio-economic aspects of decision making. In other words, both the physical realm of nature as well as the social world created by mankind’s ability to think, must be properly accounted for in real world decision making.

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