By Barbara E. Walvoord, Linda Lawrence Hunt, H. Fil, Jr. Dowling, Joan D. McMahon, National Council of Teachers of English

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A + 7 Pop. B in classroom research groups, led by Walvoord. 33 Pop. A on committees that directly revealed how faculty had been affected by WAC, observed by Walvoord. 1985-1994: approximately 40 faculty in ongoing writing groups, observed by Dowling and/or McMahon. 1992-94: 43 Pop. A and 23 Pop. B in 9O-min. small-group discus­ sions of WAC practices, observed by Walvoord. 1995: Documentary video, Making Large Classes Interactive, produced at DC on how 5 DC Pop. A faculty make large classes interactive.

McMahon, and Barbara Walvoord The University and Its WAC Program Towson State University, near Baltimore, has 15,000 students in its baccalaureate and master's programs. Towson has one of the earliest writing-intensive course requirements, instituted in 1976 when a revised curriculum requirement mandated that all students take a W-I course (usually elected in the student's major field). By 1994, forty­ four different W-I courses in twenty-five departments were offered, taught by faculty in those departments.

It's possible that the 25 percent are still largely early adopters, or that the WAC workshops have had similar effects on early and middle adopters, or that the "adopter" research, which was conducted in fields other than teaching innovations, doesn't really fit the complex, multifaceted growth of a teacher. Data Collection Our data collection process followed the stages described in the next five sections. Stage 1: Initial Population A Workshops, Follow-Up Lunches, and a Booklet of Faculty Writing Before Walvoord arrived, five workshops had enrolled the Population A faculty, who had written responses to the workshops on the last day.

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