By Aaron Hornkohl

In historic Hebrew Periodization and the Language of the e-book of Jeremiah, Aaron Hornkohl defends the diachronic method of Biblical Hebrew and the linguistic courting of biblical texts. employing the normal methodologies to the Masoretic model of the biblical publication of Jeremiah, he seeks to this point the paintings at the foundation of its linguistic profile, choosing that, even though composite, Jeremiah is probably going a fabricated from the transitional time among the 1st and moment Temple Periods.

Hornkohl additionally contributes to unraveling Jeremiah’s advanced literary improvement, arguing at the foundation of language that its 'short edition', as mirrored within the book’s previous Greek translation, predates that 'supplementary fabric' preserved within the Masoretic variation yet unheard of within the Greek. however, he concludes that nor is written in past due Biblical Hebrew right.

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1, n. 2. R. Driver 1957; 1970; Chomsky 1964: 161; Ullendorff 1971: 11; MacDonald 1975; Rendsburg 1990a:1–33; 1992b; Young 1993: 76–79; Blau 1997: 26; S. Smith 2000; Polak 2003: 59–60; Young, Rezetko, and Ehrensvärd 2008: I 173–179. R. Driver 1957: 273; MacDonald 1975; see also Polak 2003: 59–60. Rendsburg 1990a: 18–21, 159–161; Moshavi 2010: 4. introduction 23 Hebrew. 70 Due, however, to the late provenance of these sources, their evidential value vis-à-vis the spoken register of the pre-exilic period is uncertain.

32 chapter 1 Third, literary development: due to the complicated literary character of many biblical texts, it is doubtful whether the Masoretic textual tradition, which reveals only the final version of most of the biblical texts, presents them in their purest, most ancient forms, free of later additions and modifications. At first glance, it would seem that the textual situation of the Hebrew Bible is plagued by such complexity and doubt that the MT cannot possibly serve as the basis for serious enquiry into ancient Hebrew as used in the biblical period.

On the one hand, it can be claimed that in view of such a complex textual situation, it is virtually impossible to know anything with certainty. On the other hand, most of the ancient witnesses agree on most of the biblical text. Further, with specific regard to the Masoretic textual tradition, a number of biblical scrolls from among the DSS, the texts of which are either very similar or identical to that of the MT, demonstrate the antiquity of the tradition reflected in the latter, which, after all, was the one adopted by mainstream Judaism as its official text.

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