By Nigel Palastanga, Derek Field, Roger Soames

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Vibration of this membrane is opens into the anterior wall, and with the transmitted across the middle ear by the three mastoid air cells via the aditus in the posterior auditory ossicles (incus, malleus and stapes) to wall (Fig. 5b). The auditory tube enables the the internal ear. The middle ear communicates pressure on both sides of the tympanic memwith the nasopharynx via the Eustachian brane to be equalized; it is opened during (auditory) tube. The internal ear consists of swallowing. The tympanic membrane is circular and two functionally distinct parts, that concerned with hearing (the cochlear part) and that with concave laterally, and consists of three layers: balance and position (the vestibular part).

Distant objects the visual axes of the two eyes are parallel, the optic axes are slightly and the optic nerves markedly convergent posteriorly. Outer fibrous layer The sclera is the posterior opaque part of the fibrous layer and forms about five-sixths of the circumference of the eyeball, the remainder being cornea. 5mm thick anteriorly and has the tendons of the extraocular muscles attaching to it. The anterior part of the sclera is covered by conjunctiva and forms the 'white of the eye'. Posteriorly the sclera is pierced, 3 mm medial to the fovea, by the optic nerve and accompanying vessels (Fig.

Bundles of smooth muscle fibres (the arrector pilorum) attach to the sheath of the hair follicle, deep to the sebaceous gland, and pass to the papillary layers of the dermis on the side towards which the hair slopes (Fig. 2b). 3 The relationship of the nail to the skin. stand away from the skin, elevating the skin 2 30 ANATOMY AND HUMAN MOVEMENT around the opening of the hair follicles, thereby producing 'goose flesh'. This action also compresses the sebaceous glands causing them to empty their secretions onto the skin surface.

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