By Jouni Yrjölä, Jussi Tella

This ebook equips the reader with every thing she or he must comprehend to play Black in a online game of chess. skilled Finnish gamers have defined a thrilling repertoire in accordance with the circulate 1...d6 in respond to no matter what White's first circulate occurs to be. Black's procedure is hypermodern and dynamic: White is inspired to grab area, whereas Black develops his items swiftly and actively, looking forward to the appropriate second to assault and wreck White's vital bastions. the differences recommended were confirmed in top-level play and feature quick-strike power if White is in any respect careless or obscure. The repertoire relies round the Pirc Defence and the differences 1 d4 d6 2 c4 e5 and 1 d4 d6 2 Nf3 Bg4, which are compatible seamlessly including 1...d6 platforms opposed to White's a number of flank openings.

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