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____ 11. ____ 12. This movement led to the establishment of colonies in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, as well as a variety of scattered settlements within the modern-day state of Massachusetts. A colony required a charter from the English monarch, which sometimes took years. By the time such a land grant became official, colonists were already living in the new colony. Their leader was a close friend of Anne Hutchinson. In 1643, Roger Williams went to England to obtain a charter from King Charles I.

Review and Write 1. What important roles did Native Americans play in helping the Pilgrims through their first winter at Plymouth? 2. When the English Separatists arrived at Plymouth, they discovered a Native American named Squanto who spoke English. Describe the adventures of Squanto that gave him a knowledge of English. 27 © Milliken Publishing Company The Puritan “Great Migration” L ess than a decade after the founding of the Plymouth colony by the Puritans, along with others the Puritans called “strangers,” a great influx of new colonists found their way to New England, which changed English life there dramatically.

He lived there until 1614, spending several years in London. In 1614, he was returned to his native land, but was later that same year kidnapped by a English sea captain and sold in Spain as a slave. In time, he escaped and returned to England, only to be returned once more to New England in 1619. On his return, he found his village of Pawtuxet Indians had been wiped out by a plague. With no place to go, Squanto had joined the Wampanoags, serving as an adviser and interpreter for Massasoit. Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to live off the New England landscape, giving them instruction where to fish and how to plant Indian corn.

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