By Tony Harcup

Bringing jointly new and vintage paintings by way of Tony Harcup, this booklet considers the improvement of other journalism from the Nineteen Seventies up until today. 

Bringing concept and perform jointly, Harcup builds an understanding of different media by utilizing exact case stories and surveys. together with reviews of reporters who've labored in either mainstream and substitute media, he considers the motivations, practices and roles of alternative journalism in addition to delving into moral considerations.

Moving from the heritage of different journalism, Harcup considers the hot unfold of 'citizen journalism' and using social media, and asks what the role of other journalism is today.

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If those evenings were important for the development of our craft and confidence as individual writers – and they were – that was only part of the story. Unlike many groups of writers or readers, we turned outwards rather than inwards, with social concerns being addressed at least as frequently as innermost thoughts. For Freire (1972: 41), ‘true reflection leads to action’, and his words echo the epitaph on Marx’s tomb about the point of it all being to change the world. And, through our poetry and other interventions, some of us certainly had a go at doing just that.

Some 500 copies of the first issue were printed and they were sold mainly in pubs. If the initial paper was unashamedly propagandistic, the following issue (with the price down to a more popular 3p) took a less hectoring tone. Mat explains: ‘We didn’t want to be a kind of Socialist Worker propaganda paper. It wasn’t pretending to be impartial. It was to counteract the existing establishment propaganda. ’ None of the group had journalistic experience, although some had been involved in producing a duplicated anarchist paper at the University of Leeds.

The Basement Writers had a do-it-yourself aesthetic a good three years before punk, a decade or so before ‘desktop publishing’ and more than 20 years before the advent of the worldwide web. Although the group prefigured the DIY ‘can do’ approach of punk, unlike punk we embraced all ages. And so, despite starting with a group of mid-teens, we soon began attracting a wider range of members. One was the redoubtable Gladys McGee, who had left school at the age of 14 to work as a dressmaker, tea-packer, office cleaner and numerous other jobs.

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