By Chris Ryan

Mission: Earthquake Survival

Tough education or even more durable missions have became the 5 individuals of Alpha strength right into a bold workforce. whereas honing their survival abilities within the Belize jungle the gang interrupt a raid on a Mayan tomb - and needs to abort their education and go back to town. yet catastrophe is ready to strike - an enormous earthquake devastates the world, trapping Alpha strength and a bunch of schoolchildren amid the particles. The group needs to race opposed to time to find and rescue the survivors.

Another nail-biting experience within the Alpha strength sequence, from the bestselling writer and ex-SAS hero Chris Ryan.

Includes Chris's best SAS tips about facing an earthquake situation.

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I don’t want to be a spoil-sport, guys, but we haven’t got our camp sorted yet and we should do that in the next hour. ’ Alex nodded. ‘You’re right. ’ He led the way back to Paulo’s mark. ’ ‘Not a chance,’ said Paulo. ’ As they walked reluctantly away from the sinkhole, they didn’t see what happened next. One moment the water was absolutely still, like a painting. Then it trembled. The entire surface shivered, as though the rocks around it had been shaken, hard. Gradually, it settled. An earth tremor.

Didn’t know you were such a hippy,’ said Hex. Li looked at the water and imagined diving in, slipping beneath its cool surface. She grabbed Paulo’s arm and made to throw him in. ’ For a moment Paulo thought she would. He imagined plummeting straight to the bottom with his bergen and ran backwards smartly. She looked at him, a teasing glint in her eye. He grinned back but he knew that if she’d really wanted to throw him in he wouldn’t have got away. The five friends looked at the water longingly.

She nodded, showing it to Alex. ‘Yes. This ridge line. ’ ‘Dios,’ said Paulo. He suddenly had visions of blundering over a precipice, his heavy bergen pulling him over like a lead weight. He’d thought the jungle would all be flat. He’d have to be careful where he put his feet. Hex seemed to read his thoughts. ’ said Alex. ‘I think there was an earthquake here. ’ said Amber. ’ Alex was grinning. His dad was in the SAS and had told many stories of his jungle training in Belize. Now here Alex was, following in his footsteps.

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