By Mick McArt

Allison desires to shock the farmer's of Squintville with a new good. The important little lady discovers greater than she ever idea attainable the deeper she digs.

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Mick earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Central Michigan University and a Masters degree from Saginaw Valley State University. Mick spends his spare time being creative and working on many projects. These projects include Mick Art Productions Publishing (to help get more Christian work into print), a Christian Art Festival, and MichWriter - the Christian authors writing guild. com. Would you like to help this children's ministry? Please pray and ask God for his blessings upon it. Also, please be sure to write a quick review online.

He has probably told half of Wordishure by now,” Alli said glumly. ” As the next few hours passed, and the sun made its way across the sky, other children and animals began showing up. They had all heard about Alli’s Well from Teller, the tattlesnake, and were eager to come help. They took turns digging, hauling the dirt bucket, or gathering stones to help build the well’s foundation. Even Doubting Tommy helped by gathering more fruit to feed all the helpers. Alli was glad so many were there, pitching in.

Well,” Alli said with a slight smile, wiping dirt from her cheek, “we tried, and that’s what counts. ” They all agreed and knelt down to pray. As Preston began to lead them in prayer, Alli heard the sound of the rock being shifted from the dirt. The three looked over and saw Doubting Tommy trying to lift the rock. They prayed more intensely for him as he struggled with the heavy weight. ” The burden suddenly seemed lighter than before. Slowly, the large stone shifted position and was lifted from its place.

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