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Your hands should rise to chest level but not cross an imaginary vertical center line on your chest. Don’t let your arms fly wildly from side to side or they can twist your shoulders and cause you to veer. If you don’t stay in the center of the lane, you’re wasting motion and adding distance to the race. The 100 meters is a straightaway, but sprinters in the 200 and 400 must navigate turns. During a turn, proper form is essential. Centrifugal force pulls you toward the outside of the lane and can cost you time.

Arms should be bent at a 90-degree angle, and you should strive for full arm extension backward and forward. Imagine you’re reaching for your back pocket, then your chin, over and over. The 400 meters requires a slightly different start than the 100 and 200. First, the starting blocks should be angled toward the inside of the track because the race involves curves. Because the 400 is a longer event, runners don’t explode as quickly out of the blocks. They pace themselves, building speed more gradually.

Swing arms. Do two or three times. • From a standing start, take a large leap forward with one leg. Touch down briefly. Push off with that foot, then leap with the other leg, driving arms forward and up. Proceed for 40 meters. Feel your “hang” time. Also feel the brief touch down and push off. To Improve Acceleration and Build Endurance • Find an area that has a slight incline of about 30 degrees. Run 200 meters straight ahead at half speed, concentrating on proper sprinting form. Rest briefly.

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