By William Roberts, Gregoire Turgeon

The authors of approximately Language motivate scholars to exploit language extra responsibly of their personal writing. greater than 70 examining decisions conceal a large diversity of concerns, together with cultural variety, censorship, and gender. powerful aid is equipped by way of a gap bankruptcy at the writing method; annotated desk of contents; bankruptcy introductions; choice headnotes, examine questions and writing assignments; end-of-chapter writing assignments and learn actions; and a thesaurus of language and rhetorical phrases.

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Remark parler, pourquoi écrire ? Voilà de quoi discutent, en cette fin du Ve siècle avant J. -C. , deux Athéniens étendus près d'un gattilier en fleur, à l'ombre d'un platane sous lequel coule une resource, sur les bords de l'Ilissos, à quelques centaines de mètres de l'Acropole.

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Certain figures of thought like the apostrophe and the aposiopesis have been linked to the emotions because they remain marked even in somewhat decontextualized written texts. But any locution can carry such freight. Another way to break an exclusive figure/emotion connection would be to ask whether it is really possible to say anything at all, figured or not, without emotion. The sample sentence again, "It is September 22," can certainly be put in an apparently unremarkable context: "It is September 22.

But these days they are confined to certain professions, materials, types of argument, or situations: the law, quality control management, laboratory procedure, casework in the social services, for example. The only technology of reasoning currently available that is meant to hold across many fields is the discipline of statistics, which does indeed offer a good analogy for the prestige, the aura of rigor, that topical invention and knowledge of the figures once had among the educated. Though there have been some attempts to regain a place for generic skills of argumentation, invention heuristics have nothing like the credibility they once had in the Western tradition.

What does it mean to say that a verbal figure epitomizes a line of reasoning? An epitome, from the Greek verb meaning "to cut short or cut upon," is in one sense a summary, an abstract containing all the essential parts of a larger work or text, and, in a slightly different sense, it is a representative or exemplary selection from and then substitution for something longer. The figure, then, is a verbal summary that epitomizes a line of reasoning. It is a condensed or even diagram-like rendering of the relationship among a set of terms, a relationship that constitutes the argument and that could be expressed at greater length.

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