By Harry De Windt

It's growing to be darkish. Already a wintry desert of backyard with out upon which snow and sleet are pitilessly beating is just discernible.

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Horrible Body Facts Urine doesn’t smell until it hits the air. Then a chemical in it called urea starts to break down into ammonia and the smell begins… 36 1001 Horrible Facts Two thousand glands in your ear make ear wax to protect you from getting dirt, dust and germs deep in your ear. The wax slowly hardens and comes to the edge of your ear to fall out. 5 centimetres (about 1 inch) long. Before artificial false teeth were made of porcelain in the 1800s, many people who needed false teeth wore teeth pulled from the mouths of corpses.

Horrible Food Facts Flavours of icecream available in Japan include octopus, ox tongue, cactus, chicken wing and crab. The Roman emperor Nero kept a ‘glutton’ – an Egyptian slave who ate everything he was given to eat, including human flesh. 44 1001 Horrible Facts The Spanish eat the cheese cabrales when it is ‘con gusano’ – crawling with live maggots. In India, ants are roasted, ground to a paste and served as chutney. When the maggots hatch, the swarming mass is spread on bread and eaten. A stew eaten at a funeral in Stone-Age Wales was made from shellfish, eels, mice, frogs, toads, shrews and snakes.

The bile and stomach acid make vomit taste awful. 5 litres (8 pints) of tears a year – they keep your eyes wet even if you’re not crying. Slime oozes from the inside of your stomach to stop the acid in the stomach dissolving its walls and eating into your body – digesting you from the inside. ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 A gut parasite carried in water infested half a million people in Wisconsin in 1993 when it got into the water supply. A hundred people died. Stomach gurgling – called borborygmus by scientists – is the sound of half-digested food, gas and stomach acid churning around.

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