By Jeanne Fahnestock

Whilst it was once first released in 1982, A Rhetoric of Argument built a ground-breaking new method of instructing argument. The stasis technique pioneered via Fahnestock and Secor exclusive one of the 4 simple questions that arguments are written to answer:
What is it? (Definition arguments) How did it get that method? (Causal arguments) Is it solid or undesirable? (Evaluation arguments) What should still we do approximately it? (Proposal arguments)
These 4 questions, now usual in lots of argument texts, provide scholars a confident, attractive approach to learn readings via different writers and to build their very own arguments.

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The answer, Mom. Mom's day starts at six o'clock in the morning. After feeding the livestock on the family farm, she retreats to the house to cook the family breakfast. Then without doing the dishes it's off to school. At four in the afternoon the school is empty except For the Home Ec. room, where Mom prepares for the next day of classes. Upon arriving home she cooks a delicious full-course meal. Without stopping to clean up supper she heads to her garden where she works till dark. Finally she tackles a sink full of dishes and usually a couple of loads of wash.

Armed with your new insight, you reexamine your raw list looking for other potentially sharable reasons. Your feeling of uncertainty about an ultimate goal or career in life again looks like a personal idiosyncracy but here lurks not a fact perhaps but a sharable value. Your school, like many others, values preparing students for productive lives, but even more, it values learning or education as its own end. If you can cast your personal preference as a value that coincides with the predictable values of your audience, you have a reason that might be persuasive to them.

We can also think of the linking verb and the complement together as the predicate. 32 . WHAT IS IT? Subject Predicate , 1 Linking verb Complement A cat is a mammal That cat is malnourished Even if you do not understand the meaning of one of its terms, you can recognize a similarly constructed sentence like "Football is a homoerotic ritual" as a statement defining or describing its subject. You should also recognize this claim as arguable to most audiences. It is by no means a fact, although a fact could take the same grammatical form: 1.

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