By Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown

Most modern version of the profitable best-seller that perspectives advertisement translation from the translator’s and customer’s viewpoints.

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They become so totally immersed in the language and culture that they lose their linguistic edge – they begin to think like a native. I know in my own case that it took me at least six months to speak proper English again when returning to the United Kingdom after having lived in Sweden for 10 years. This was despite reading or at least glancing through an English language newspaper and magazines most days. I now read Swedish newspapers online in an endeavour to keep up with current affairs and industry.

Good examples are business letters, where a letter written by a French person would appear very polite whereas a letter written by a German person might appear blunt and almost rude. In these cases, the English translator must adapt the letter so that the English reader will react in the same way to the letter as would a French or German reader. One of the dilemmas of being totally fluent in a second language is which cultural affiliation to adopt. My philosophy is to adopt the one that is most beneficial in the circumstances that prevail at the time.

The source language is the language you are working from whereas the target language is the language you are 28 BILINGUALISM – THE MYTHS AND THE TRUTH working into (your language of habitual use). Most people charge according to the number of words in the source language since this is what is supplied by the client. There has been, and will continue to be, heated discussion on which is the most appropriate method, but this book is not the forum for this discussion. How to charge for your work is discussed in Chapter 4.

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