By Konrad Guenther

Boston 1931 Houghton Mifflin. Translated via B. Miall. Hardcover. eightvo, 400pp., picture illustrations, index, textile. VG, hide lightly dirty and shelf worn, no DJ.

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Copper Workers, International Business, and Domestic Politics in Cold War Chile

During this publication, Angela Vergara tells the tale of the hard work move in Chile during the reports of employees in copper mines owned via Anaconda, an incredible multinational company. hoping on archival resources, newspapers, and oral histories, she recounts the staff? ?? ­ fiscal, political, and social struggles over the forty-five-year interval while the chilly battle ruled politics.

The Life and Writings of Julio C. Tello: America's First Indigenous Archaeologist

The daddy of Peruvian archaeology, Julio Tello was once the main unusual local American student ever to target archaeology. A Quechua speaker born in a small highland village in 1880, Tello did the most unlikely: he bought a clinical measure and confident the Peruvian govt to ship him to Harvard and ecu universities to grasp archaeology and anthropology.

Black Townsmen: Urban Slavery and Freedom in the Eighteenth-Century Americas (The Americas in the Early Modern Atlantic World)

This e-book is an leading edge comparative research of people of African starting place and descent in city environments of the early glossy Atlantic world.  the writer follows those women and men as they try with slavery, negotiations of manumission, and efforts to evolve to a existence in freedom, eventually illustrating how their offerings and activities put them at the foreground of the improvement of Atlantic city slavery and emancipation.

Fútbol, Jews, and the Making of Argentina

If you happen to attend a football fit in Buenos Aires of the neighborhood Atlanta Athletic membership, you will probably pay attention the rival groups chanting anti-Semitic slogans. for the reason that the local of Villa Crespo has lengthy been thought of a Jewish district, and its football workforce, membership Atlético Atlanta, has served as an road of integration into Argentine tradition.

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And to the north, beyond the channel which gives access to the city, the cliffs approach the sea, enclosing the calm Turtle Bay, and forming the background of the bathing-resort of Guaruja, whose beach merges into the green foot-hills. Approaching Rio from the north, one comes first of all to Cabo Frio, a cape which deserves its name, for here at most seasons a cool wind is blowing, and the sea is often rough. The finest view I had of this cape was at night. The steamer had made such a quick passage that she slowed down to half-speed, in order to avoid lying all night off" Rio, since the harbour officials would not come aboard and give us permission to take up moorings until the morning.

The timber of the trunk, which grows to a height of ninety or a hundred feet, is employed in house-building, while the huge leaves, which are so heavy that it is difficult to lift even a single one, are employed as a roof-covering. On the coast of Pernambuco I saw only one large coconut plantation in the south; and another was situated to the north of Recife. If one trudges up the sandy escarpment of the beach of Pernambuco and makes one's way between the shafts of the groves of coconut- palms, one comes, as a rule, to a dense wood, springing from the sand, in which cashew-trees are in the majority (Plate 9).

One is therefore obliged to conclude that the shark cannot be as bad as its reputation. Fiction, especially if it is written for juvenile readers, is apt to exaggerate the dangers of encountering animals, as the writers foolishly imagine that an animal cannot interest their readers unless it steals, or kills, or is killed. fancy the lion and the tiger have been almost as much mahgned as the shark. As a general thing these beasts of prey avoid human I beings ; but now and again it happens that an old animal whose teeth are defective, and who can no longer capture wild animals, sinks to the degenerate practice of lying in wait for human beings.

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