By Carol Genetti

A Grammar of Dolakha Newar is the 1st absolutely entire reference grammar of a Newar type. Dolakha Newar is of specific curiosity because it is member of the jointly unintelligible jap department of the family members, so enables an incredible comparative standpoint in this major Tibeto-Burman language. as well as a bankruptcy on phonetics and phonology, the publication incorporates a separate bankruptcy on prosody. There also are particular chapters on each one be aware type, with complete dialogue of the morphological and syntactic homes of every classification. The publication presents an in depth research of syntax, together with entire chapters on buildings, clause constitution, constituent order, grammatical family, nominalization, complementation, the participial building, and the complicated sentence, in addition to an in depth bankruptcy on annoying and element. Brimming with examples from common discourse, the booklet rigorous description of the language's constructions with complete dialogue of the way the buildings are utilized in attached speech. each one research is gifted with complete argumentation and competing analyses are contrasted and mentioned. the result's a wealthy, readable, and wonderfully argued portrait of a language and the way it really works.

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