By Stephen LaBerge, Lynne Levitan

It is a booklet used for the direction in Lucid Dreaming given on the Lucidity Institute. It's a pleasant resource for practising lucid dreaming with heritage in real technological know-how, it features a lot of useful publications, charts to trace your development, and so on.

Some excerpts from the introduction:

Welcome to the Lucidity Institute's direction in Lucid Dreaming. the aim of the direction is to train
you within the abilities required for having common lucid goals. it really is acceptable for those who have
not but had lucid goals, and if you happen to are looking to have them extra usually. [...]
The textbook is Exploring the realm of Lucid Dreaming through Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold
Each unit will assign sections to learn from the publication, yet you're welcome to learn forward when you like.
Many of the workouts within the direction also are offered within the booklet; even though, you'll want to stick with the
instructions given within the path fabrics, as they are going to be a little various. [...]
Each unit will comprise a examining task, routines to organize you for training lucid dream
induction concepts, or practices for inside lucid desires, and a self-corrected quiz to make sure that
you get the details within the analyzing. a few of the routines and strategies might be accompanied
by a desk or shape for recording your growth. this may assist you specialise in the workout and provides you
feedback at the result of your efforts.

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1. Practice the Seeing a Mental Image exercise as you did on Day 2. 2. Creating a Mental Image in Space Look again at the object before you for several minutes. Now, keep your eyes open and turn your gaze away from the object (move your whole body, not just your head, so that you are comfortable). Picture the object floating in front of you at eye level. As before, don't strain to create the image, but let it emerge on its own. If the image doesn't come readily, try concentrating on your feelings about the object.

4. Once you have had your scorecard marked by another player you may earn the right to remove an initial by remembering another time. So, if you are caught forgetting to say, "I The Lucidity Institute, Inc. © 1995 3-2 Unit 3 A Course in Lucid Dreaming remember/' and you remember to say "I remember" on a future occasion, have the player who just gave you the opportunity to remember expunge one initial from your card (by simply crossing it out). 5. After five days, the winner of the game is the one with the least number of uncrossed-out initials on his or her card.

Imagine as vividly as possible that you are dreaming. d. Observe the environment for dreamsigns. e. Imagine doing what you want to do in your next lucid dream. f. Pray to your guru that you will be able to comprehend the dream state. g. Firmly resolve to recognize when you are dreaming. 19. With what technique was Dr. LaBerge able to learn to have lucid dreams at will? 20. Remembering to do things in the future is called 21. T F memory. The mnemonic of visualizing yourself carrying out your intention strengthens the effect of forming associations between a future action and the circumstances in which you intend to do it.

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